Covid-19 & Funerals

Registrar’s Directive:

How that affects gatherings at the funeral home:

- When making arrangements, I will let the arranging family members decide what COVID-19 precautions they would like to have suggested. Those suggestions, whether it be: wearing masks, social distancing, being fully vaccinated, will only be suggestions, as the province is no longer mandating COVID-19 precautions, I will ask that the public respect individual family choices.

- Personally, I will continue to wear a mask at this time.

  • We will give the option of taking a video of funerals to later create either a public or private YouTube Link at no additional cost.
  • Food and beverage services may resume. (receptions will not happen at the Hodges Funeral Home, we will continue to use the halls in St. Marys and area.)

When visiting the funeral home:

Appointments are required for anything aside from scheduled visitations and funerals. I.E. dropping by with a memorial donation, making funeral arrangements, pre-arrangements, and general inquires.
Please call (519-284-2820), text (519-520-0478) or email (

Memorial Donations:

We would prefer memorial donations be made over the phone (calling 519-284-2820) or online. Since the start of the pandemic, the Hodges Funeral Home has covered the fee from the credit card machines for donations taken over the phone. As of Feb 15, 2021, the Hodges Funeral Home will now cover the online fee for donations made through the funeral home website. This is another funeral home first for Ontario. Click here for a full explanation of how the Hodges Funeral Home handles memorial donations.

Funeral Arrangements:

When you call the funeral home to inform us of the death of a loved one, we will ask for your phone number and email address. The information needed can also be submitted through this website, click here.

  • We can meet in person at the funeral home


  • Arrangements can be made over the phone and with email