How to view a Facebook Live Streamed Funeral Service

If a family chooses to have the funeral service live streamed on Facebook Live, that information will be included in the death announcement on the funeral home website and in a newspaper notice.

The live post will be on the Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home Facebook page:

When the live post appears, click on the post.


A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The live post will appear about 5 minutes before the start time of the of the service to allow viewers time to open the post. Not every funeral starts on time: such things as waiting for all family members to arrive at the service location is one example of why the starting of a funeral might be delayed.

  • You do not need a Facebook account to be able to watch a live streamed video.
    Go to
    Facebook will ask if you want to login or create an account, this request can be closed by clicking the X at the top right

  •  If you have a Facebook account, you can "Like" the Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home Facebook page ahead of the funeral date. Facebook will notify you when the funeral home is going live. You can then unlike the Facebook page after the service.

  • Turn the volume on and up on your computer or device

  • If you are not able to view the live streaming, the video will remain on the Facebook page to be viewed later.

  • We are at the mercy of technology. If there are any technical difficulties, i.e. internet connection failure, we will do our best to post on the Facebook page what is happening and we will do our best to record the service and create a video that can be watched later.

Click here to link to the Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home Facebook page.

If you have any questions please try to contact the funeral home before the day of the funeral.