Donation to Science

Co-ordinating activities, rites, ceremonies

  • $300

Documentation – permits, forms, proof of death certificates and complimentary assistance with CPP death benefit application CPP survivor application Notify CPP and OAS to cease payments

  • $500 

Transport remains to from place of death to UWO ( University of Western Ontario)

  • $400 (within 100 km of St. Marys)

Transport remains - initial (100 km)

  • Beyond that radius, $3 per km one way

Itemized of Funeral Home Service fee $1200

As the University will cover the later cost with cremation, other outside costs such as a printed newspaper notice, for example, would be extra. Click here for possible outside costs.

The University of Western Ontario, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, has a program for accepting bodies for the purpose of research and study of the human body. Once the use of the body is complete (approximately 18 months to 3 years following the receipt of the body) cremation will take place. The cost of cremation: Transfer of body from UWO to crematorium, coroner’s cremation certificate fee and cremation fee are covered by the school. Once cremation is complete, the next of kin will be contacted, by letter, and advised that they can retrieve the cremated remains.

Body donation is an option for anyone at any age. The final decision ultimately rests with your next of kin or executor, as they will be the ones to carry out the steps required for body donation, also known as bequeathal. As such, your choice should be included in your will and funeral pre-arrangements and shared with your family or executor. Donors should be aware that while most bodies bequeathed to the Program are accepted, there is no guarantee. Presently, the program will decline individuals who: have infectious diseases, have a degenerative brain disease, have had recent major surgery, are morbidly obese, have been autopsied, have been embalmed, have been organ donors, have recently experienced severe trauma, die outside of Ontario, have had amputations, have been dead for more than 48 hours or have a family member who objects to the bequeathal of their body. Therefore individuals who are considering body donation should have alternative funeral plans in place should the program decline the donation.

For more information contact the Body Bequeathal Program:

Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
The University of Western Ontario, Room 4010, Dental Sciences Building, London, Ont. N6A 5C1

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If you wish to pre-arrange this service, either non-funded or pre-pay, click here for the information that is helpful to have recorded.