How to write an Obituary


Make a list of family members to mention (surviving and predeceased) and ensure that everyone`s names are spelled correctly and spouses are accounted for. If there is any doubt with the spelling of a person's name or how they would want their name to appear, contact them.

Keep in mind the announcement can either be the information that is needed and current
be more of a historical family record (going into more detail with family members).

The order of information can be written this way:

Deceased name:
Either full name, first with middle initial, preferred name, nickname. Maiden name could be in brackets.

Example: Elizabeth ``Betty`Irene Smith (nee Brown)

Following the person`s name there could be mention of where the person currently  live and previously lived, in order to help people make the connection.


resident of St. Marys and formerly of Thorndale.

Writing in the date, place and age of death:


passed away at St. Marys Memorial Hospital on January 1, 2022 at the age of 90.

Listing family members:

Usual order:
- Parents - sometimes they are mentioned first, whether predeceased or not, but can be mentioned later in a predeceased section.
- Spouse (can include maiden name), mentioning date of marriage or number of years married
- Children (can include spouses name)
- Grandchildren and great-grandchildren
- Siblings, can include in-law family members
(option of mentioning where people live can help people make the connection)
- With nieces and nephews, sometimes a line saying many nieces, nephews and extended family members in a good way to not miss anyone.
- Close friends
- Pets

Predeceased family members
(option of mentioned their year of death)

Including information about where the person worked, community involvement and hobbies can also be mentioned.

Thanking those who cared for the deceased: i.e. staff at a hospital or care facility

Service details
Dates, time and location of services
Name of who is officiating the service
or mentioned that a private service or no service
If there is going to be a live-stream video of the service, mentioned where that can be viewed.

Suggestions for memorial donations or asking for people to donate to a charity of choice.

Other possibilities:

Including a saying of the deceased or line from a favourite verse.

With printed newspaper notices, there is the option of including a picture of the deceased and/or an image of an organization they belonged to.