Memorial Service

Cremation or burial first, followed by visitation and ceremony

Funeral director co-ordination of activities: $950

Professional consultation with licensed funeral director, including, but not limited to, expert advice on options to meet your needs. Co-ordination of all activities, rites and ceremonies, before, during and after they have been provided, including services and supplies provided by us, as well as those provided by third party suppliers, such as flowers and death notices.

Documentation: $500

Includes registration of death, forms related to cremation, unlimited proof of death certificates, record keeping and complementary assistance with:

CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) death benefit application (if applicable)
CPP survivor application (if applicable)
Notifying CPP and OAS (Old Age Security) to cease payments

Transport of deceased from place of death to the funeral home: $300

This covers a 100 km radius from St. Marys (beyond that distance, $3 per km one way will be charged)

Facilities at the funeral home to shelter the deceased until time of transfer to cremation: $120

Transfer to the crematorium: $325

Visitation: click here for a description of scheduled visitations


$65 for each half hour of visiting,


$70 for each half hour of visiting

Staff: $450
Facilities: $500

If the ceremony is t an outside location, the fee is $300 for set-up and use of any equipment needed

Van Hearse: $200

Total of Service fee: $3480

Fee does not include:

Additional 1/2 hour visitations
Casket Selection, Basic cremation container $100, or click here to view other casket selections
Urn, click here to view selection
Stationary selection, click here to view selection
HST (13% on funeral home service fee and supplies)
Outside costs, click here to view possible outside costs

If you wish to pre-arrange this service, either non-funded or pre-pay, click here for the information that is helpful to have recorded.