Graveside Service with Casket

Direct burial with outdoor service. The Ontario government is allowing gatherings of up to 100 people at outdoor funerals, keeping 6 feet distancing from one another.

Funeral director co-ordination of activities: $950

Documentation: $500

  • Includes registration of death, forms related to cremation, unlimited proof of death certificates, record keeping and:
    • Assistance with the CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) death benefit application
    • Assistance with CPP survivor application
    • Notifying CPP and OAS (Old Age Security) to cease payments

Transport of deceased from place of death to the funeral home: $300

  • This covers a 100 km radius from St. Marys (beyond that distance, $3 per km one way will be charged)

Facilities at the funeral home to shelter the deceased until time of transfer to the cemetery: $120

Staff of graveside service: $450

Any equipment for outdoor service: $200 

  • Portable sound system with a microphone and ability to play music, podium, chairs

Van for day of ceremony: $200

Total of Graveside Service fee: $2720

Service fee total does not include:

Link to funeral stationary and other memorial items.

Outside costs, click here to view.

If you wish to pre-arrange this service, either non-funded or pre-pay, click here for the information that is helpful to have recorded.