Health Improvements

The following are the improvements made to the Hodges Funeral Home to as increased precautions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Improvements have been made to the cleaning of our facility, with particular focus on high-traffic and high-contact areas.

Hand sanitizing:

Hand sanitizing stations are at the entrances and throughout the funeral home. We also take our stations with us when funerals take place at other facilities.

Masks available:

The Huron Perth Health Unit and Town of St. Marys have made it minatory, for those who are able, that masks be worn in all indoor locations. We have disposable masks available for those who need one. We also make them available when we assist with funerals at churches or any other indoor location.

Sensor faucet and soap dispenser in the washroom:

In our wheelchair-accessible washroom, we have installed a touch-less soap dispenser and motion senor faucet in the sink.

´╗┐Additional cleaning supplies in the washroom:

Though we have heightened our cleaning in the washroom, we also make available cleaning wipes for the public to use for their own peace of mind.

Carpets have been removed:

To improve cleaning, the carpet in our main visitation room has been replaced with a laminate floor.

Medical Grade Air Purifier:

We have purchased a Cascade Mountain air purifier, a Canadian-made product. This unit sterilizes  indoor air with a six-stage filtration system captures dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), mold, allergens, viruses. We have it in the arrangement room when we meet with families and move it into the main visitation room when visitations and funerals occur. Click here to learn more about the unit.

Locked Mailbox:

We have installed a locked mailbox near our front door to promote social distancing and convenience. Feel free to leave donations by cheque, cards for families, pictures, USB sticks and other relevant documents.

We now have a portable ULV Fogger:

This portable fogger was purchased locally at Stonetown Supply. The cleaning solution used is OXIVIR, also purchased from Stonetown Supply. We use the fogger on fabric and hard surfaces: the seating area in our arrangement room, chairs in the visitation room and the interior of our vehicles. We also take it to locations where we conduct indoor services (such as churches) to help disinfect.

Another important note about air within the funeral home.

The Hodges Funeral Home has windows that open. That may seem like a simple feature, but it is not common in funeral homes.