Direct Burial

Direct burial with no funeral service


price does not include:
- cemetery opening/closing fee (dependent on cemetery)
- cement casket vault (if required by the cemetery)

The Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home provides direct burial, no visitation and no funeral service, as an option.

Here is our no hidden cost itemization:

Funeral director co-ordination of activities: $150
Documentation: $600

Includes completion of required forms related to cremation, unlimited proof of death certificates, record keeping and complimentary assistance with CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) death benefit application, assistance with CPP survivor application, Notifying CPP and OAS (Old Age Security) to cease payments and use of Finaldox, an online estate assistance program. Click here to learn more.

Transport of deceased from place of death to the funeral home: $300
This covers a 100 km radius from St. Marys (beyond that distance, $3 per km one way will be charged)
Facilities at the funeral home to shelter the deceased until time of transfer to the crematorium: no cost
Transport to the crematorium and retrieval of cremated remains: $325
Basic Cremation Container: $150

Casket: Toledo Cloth Covered Pressboard, $1000, click here to view
Click here to view other casket options

HST 13% tax on funeral home fee and cremation container: $308.75

Total: $2683.75

This total is from the
Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home Dec 1, 2022 Price list

If a cement casket vault is required by the cemetery, click here for options.

If you wish to pre-arrange this service, either non-funded or pre-pay. Click here for pre-arranging online.